Echolocation (2012)

Echolocation (2012) Echolocation
Echolocation_excerpt_2012, Audio recording, 02:37 dimensions variable, 2012

Whatever sense of the word 'object ' we might consider, it always refers to something with a certain unity and autonomy. An object must be one, and it must also have a sort of independence from whatever it is not. An object stands apart-not just from its manifestation to humans, but possibly even from its own accidents, relations, qualities, moments, or pieces. Furthermore, insofar as an object is more than its relations it must stand apart from any supposed monism of the world-as-a-whole, since a homogeneous universe of this kind merely gives us the most radical form of relationism. (Harman, 2009, Pg, 152)

I am approaching the idea of object ontology, as a means to help contextualize, a type of fictitious piece I am in the process of constructing. It doesn't really exist although I know the object in question- is a solidization, the residue and the manifestation of the atoms and quarks inherent in a less definable deceased (human) entity.

Therefore the ability to highlight the outcome within this ontology is essential to help site this new unsubstantiated constructed reality. The point being, the medium and feel of sculpture is being emphasized within the variables and instructive narrative. The ingredients of the descriptive process are engrained in the specific referenced cultural artifacts. Echolocation becomes a metamorphic audio monologue or one-way dialogue designed to be deseminated and broadcast on digital / Internet radio.