Subarctic Expedition kiche-kewatinoong bimoosa-wat (2009-2010)

Sub Arctic Expedition, 2010-2011, production still, Lough Fad, mixed media, customized canoe, fishing tools, dimensions variable.
Sub Arctic Expedition, 2010-2011, 2-channel SD video excerpt, dimensions variable.
Sub Arctic Expedition is a transatlantic, site-specific piece. The Irish part of the piece consists of a video on board a hybrid Canadian canoe, adapted for fishing with trawling equipment accessories and crew.

The location a glacial mountain Lough named Lough fad, that purportedly contain only Arctic Char (Arctic Char are rare post- glacial colonizers in Ireland) however this has not been confirmed. The piece takes the form of a voyage of discovery in the form of a staged Arctic expedition on board the vessel.

The Canadian leg of the piece acts as a continuation, with the importation of a replica foldable paper canoe cast transported in a suitcase, complete with parts/materials. The Canoe is re fabricated on site at the Culturally significant forks in Winnipeg. A metaphysical Journey ensues to help discover the allusive fish. The remaining foldable canoe is re- imported to Ireland as luggage and displayed alongside the artifacts. This Project was made possible thanks to Nicky Keogh who designed the suitcase foldable paper canoe and his invaluable engineering skills in helping construct the original canoe. Thanks to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for their ongoing support. Thanks to Lawrence Street Workshops Belfast.